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    Artwork out on a Limb - KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK

    Artwork out on a Limb - KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK

    PUBLISHED: Arts & Entertainment Section
    Kamloops This Week  December 30, 2016

    Article and Photo by Jessica Klymchuk

    "Kristina Benson has been a working artist for more than a decade, but her ah-ha moment came just a few months ago. An idea to integrate her passions for painting and yoga — and ultimately launch her line of wearable-art leggings — has grown into a full-time e-commerce business in about six months. Benson’s Canadian-made textiles, featuring prints of her paintings, photography and drawings, debuted at Art in the Park on Canada Day..."

    Read Full Article Here:

    Read KTW Issue: Dec.30/2016

    CBC Radio came to Kristina's Studio!

    CBC Radio came to Kristina's Studio!

    Tara Copeland, CBC Radio, had a chance to explore Kristina's studio in this interview. Kristina talks about the inspiration, the process and the art. 

    Honoured that CBC came to her studio, Kristina gets a chuckle as the announcer introduces her with the line... "Even Lululemon had to start somewhere. Kamloops artist Kristina Benson is stretching her skills by launching a line of Yoga Pants. Each piece is unique. Daybreak's Tara Copeland dropped into her studio..."

    CBC Radio clip: