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    Yoga and Fitness Instructors

    Thank you for your interest in Kristina Benson Art wearable art leggings.

    We LOVE to see fitness instructors, trainers and studio owners in our product and we know how influential you can be to a whole class of athletes or yogis. Yoga and Fitness Instructors receive 15% off their order and must purchase a minimum of two (2) pairs of leggings in their first order. 
    If you are interested in receiving a dedicated discount code please email 
    outreach.kristinabensonart@gmail.com and tell us a bit about yourself. What do you teach? Where do you teach? What pair of leggings do you love the most? 

    Once we receive your email, our Customer Service team will review and if approved, issue a personalized discount code to you** 

    **Personalized codes are for your use only. Any code that is being shared, transferred or used for resale purposes will be deactivated.