FIND US IN: Vancouver, Calgary, Penticton, Kelowna, Banff and Kamloops. Click HERE for info.

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    Kristina Benson Art Book Event

    Find us in:

    Kamloops, BC - May 26, 2018
    Femsport at Sahali Mall

    Banff, AB - June 1-3, 2018
    Banff Yoga Festival

    Calgary, AB - June 4-5, 2018
    *Booking Pants Parties (pm or email me)

    Vancouver, BC - June 23-24, 2018
    BC Dragon Boat Festival at False Creek

    Kamloops, BC - July 1, 2018
    Art in the Park at Riverside Park

    Vancouver, BC - July 14-16, 2018
    Vancouver Folk Fest at Jericho Beach

    Kelowna, BC - July 19-20, 2018
    Summer Market at Manteo Resort

    Penticton, BC - August 11, 2018
    Penticton Farmer's Market


    Travelling to showcase our wearable art.

    Hosting an event? I'll bring the leggings!

    Being a vendor at a plethora of events, our products showcase well at art shows, craft fairs, music events and yoga festivals. Time and time again, our products prove to be sought after through these events because they are truly unique among the vendors we share the space with. We attend niche-driven events that range from one day to three days and have also added value to events with our styling workshops which teach ladies how to 'dress up' or 'dress down' our uber-comfortable leggings. 

    Our booth setup pleases event organizers:
    - cross-promote events via social channels (facebook and instagram)
    - customers get to meet the artist
    - we provide our own 10' white tent for outdoor events
    - we provide our own tables and chairs
    - foldable rack
    - clean and distinct signage
    - change room (japanese screens)
    - full-length mirror
    - value-added styling workshops
    - SQUARE reader (all major credit cards accepted)

    Our booth setup creates new fans and new customers:
    The range of products we bring to all events include: yoga leggings, capris, kimonos, scarves, beanies, headbands and baby leggings.
    - change room and full-length mirror provides a private space for ladies to try on leggings
    - printed catalogs provided to browse all designs
    - SQUARE reader (all major credit cards accepted)

    If you are interested in having us at your event, contact Come to our Event


    Art in the Park on Canada Day (2016, 2017) - Kamloops, BC

    Kristina Benson Art Events

    Okanagan Yoga Festival (2017) - Osoyoos, BC

    Kristina Benson Art Events

    Privato Winery (2017) - BC

    ART GALLERY: Royal Inland Hospital Art Spaces (2017) - Kamloops, BC

    Kristina Benson Art Events

    Mountain Spirit Festival (2017) - Sun Peaks, BC

    Kristina Benson Art Events

    ART SHOW: Art Exposed at The Courthouse (2016, 2017) - Kamloops, BC

    Kristina Benson Art Events

    Westcoast Yoga Festival (2017) - Squamish, BC

     Kristina Benson Art Events

    ART SHOW: Sagebrush Theatre (2016), BC

    Kristina Benson Art Events