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    Inspiring women through intention-based wearable art.

    Kristina Benson Art - Vancouver Fashion Week 6 Minute Runway Video

    When women are inspired to feel unique, beautiful, and most importantly loved, this positive energy affects their family, their connections, and their community.

    My name is Kristina Benson and my hope is to inspire millions of women. Since launching Kristina Benson Art in 2016, I have seen how my unique, intention-based artwork can truly inspire and empower. My customers do not simply wear my art, they wear their intentions. These yoga leggings, kimonos, and scarves offer a glimmer of that radiant hope and the divine love found in all of us.

    In this era of mindfulness, we know the power of positive affirmations and the joyous ripple effects it can have on those around us. Each design encompasses a self-affirming mantra such as, “You are loved,” “Surrender,” “Amidst the storm, I have overcome,” and “The best is yet to come.” I create colourfully complex, multi-media art in my studio—on canvas, by illustration, through the lens—and then these words are literally woven into the fabric of the design.

    Leggings | Yoga Leggings | Capris | Kimonos | Scarves
    | Headbands | Baby Leggings

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