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    Go from Yoga to dinner in our body hugging printed leggings. Compression fit performance fabric milled in Montreal. Made to last, our fabric won't lose shape and our vibrant prints never fade. Opaque, safe to wear for working out.

    What’s the big difference between our regular leggings (this page) and our yoga leggings? The waistband!
    This page includes the classic high-waisted elastic waistband, versus our yoga leggings which feature a double-fold waistband. Both waistbands will 'keep you in' from XS to XL. Our customers sometimes prefer one or the other -- and yet other customers order both because they can't feel much of a difference. The classic waistband sits approximately 1/4" lower than the yoga waistband and quite often hits below the belly button, depending on torso height. Stitched in place with our elastane threads, your leggings are secure and ready to stretch with you. View this page to see the waistband difference. >