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    Videos showcasing the product and inspiration behind Kristina Benson Art

    Vancouver Fashion Week 2018

    Jewellery Design: Layla at Alpengems 
    Music: 'To the Sun' by DJ Sol Rising

    Who and what is Kristina Benson Art...

    Yoga Leggings made for day or night.

    See how easy it is to pair up your yoga leggings with a simple tank for the gym or yoga and then swap a top and shoes, and be ready to go out for the night.

    ARTWORK: Attract

    Purchase these 'Attract' leggings >>

    ARTWORK: Surrender

    Purchase these 'Surrender' leggings >>

    ARTWORK: Lotus Series

    Purchase one of the 'Lotus' Series leggings >>

    ARTWORK: Light In Me

    Purchase one of the 'Light In Me' Series leggings >>

    ARTWORK: Overcome

    Purchase one of the 'Overcome' Series leggings >>