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    Kristina Benson Art - Yoga Leggings and Wearable Art 

    And designing this art onto Leggings, Capris, and Kimonos

    Kristina Benson completed a bachelor’s degree at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is an award-winning graphic designer with over 10 years of owning her own design firm (Dansk Design Group) in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

    Kristina’s love of being active is as much part of her, as her art is. Serendipitously, she found a way to combine these two. In addition to continuing to design, she has re-entered the art world in a more truer sense of the form. An artist creating – Art with Intention – her pieces are inspired from her soul.

    Starting with a single brushstroke, an image of inspiration or words true to her heart – each of her original artworks is part of a very real story, now reflected as a unique piece of Wearable Art. Whether it's love, light, peace, serendipity or surrender that you connect with, let these leggings, capris or yoga leggings be a reflection of your personal journey.

    Wrap yourself comfortably in this art and wear your positive intentions. Because we are all unique and beautiful – and deserve to feel that way, every day.

    Each unique, vibrant composition is a beautifully crafted piece of artwork that becomes truly dynamic whether worn for Yoga or simply ‘being’.

    Made in Canada  /  Eco Fabric  /  Ultra Soft 

    CONTACT ME: I would love to hear from you!

    Email: kristinabensonart@gmail.com